Friday, June 19, 2020

Job Satisfaction

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We all have come across the term job satisfaction. Job Satisfaction, although the term seems very simple, many of us still end up confusing it with job comparison. Being happy with your job is one thing and comparing your job with someone else’s job is entirely a different thing. There are times when we are frustrated with some things happening around us and we start grumbling that there is no job satisfaction here and hence we need to look out for new ventures. Looking out for new ventures is not wrong, but why are you looking out for new ventures is important. It shouldn’t be the case that you are jumping from one organization to another and you are still not happy. Here are the factors you need to look at to know about job satisfaction.

1)      Relationship with reporting heads: Well, reporting heads sure are stern sometimes and they have to be because they are the ones answerable to clients for any glitch. All the same, if they care about you, if they are fair, guide you well, then you should be happy because you have one factor ticked marked ‘yes’ in the list of job satisfaction.

2)      Honing your skill-sets: Are you able to hone your skill-sets in this job? Are you learning something new? If yes, this is the second factor of job satisfaction, which you can you tick as done.

3)      Does the company care? If your company cares for its employees, ensures transparent communication, recognizes your efforts, provides rewards and good incentives, then this is the place for you to be.

4)      Cordial work environment: If you have wonderful colleagues, supportive team members, this adds to your job satisfaction.

5)      Feedback: If  feedback is given in positive light and the company also has the culture of two-way feedback, this place is your place.

6)      Work-Life balance: Does your company have options for working from home when you need it? Do they have paid time off?  Do you get leaves when needed? If yes, then you are at the right place.

7)      Policies: If your company ensures fairness regardless of age, gender, disability etc., this is the perfect place for you.

8)      Job Security: If you don’t feel insecure about your job, if there is consistent communication, and you are happy with your role, this is certainly a factor you can tick as yes in your list of factors of job satisfaction.

9)      Growth: If you are growing in terms of knowledge, if you are getting recognition for your efforts, if you get promoted based on your diligence, knowledge, efforts, and your contribution in making the company grow and of course at the right time intervals, this is your place.

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