Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Solana Faucet - Blockchain Development tool

Photo by Hitesh Choudhary on Unsplash

Hello to all Solana blockchain developers today we are going to learn about “What are Solana Blockchain Faucets?” 


What is a blockchain faucet? 

A Solana faucet is a developer tool to get TestNet and DevNet Solana Token (SOL) in order to test and troubleshoot your decentralized application or protocol before going live on Solana MainNet , where one must use real Solana Tokens.  


What solution have we got for it? 

We have developed a chrome extension using the latest version of Angular as a framework with bootstrap for making a modern interactive UI 

For the blockchain part we have used the Solana web3 library and the public RPC API for Solana blockchain TestNet and DevNet 

We are using the Airdrop endpoint to trigger the transfer of Solana tokes into your development wallets 

Currently Solana blockchain allows to transfer 2 SOL/10 sec to DevNet wallet and 1 SOL/10 sec to TestNet wallet 


How to install our Solution? 

Click on the link below using any Chromium browser 


Click on “Add to Chrome” Button 



Click on “Add extension” Button 




Click on puzzle icon, then click on pin icon to pin extension to top 



Click on the extension logo and follow the steps below

  1. Enter the wallet address of your devnet or TestNet wallet 
  2. Enter the number of tokens to transfer max 2  
  3. Select the network from dropdown  
  4. Click on the airdrop button 


A successful airdrop message will be shown after completion of the transaction




You can check your wallet for sol transfer 



Sometimes due to high traffic some errors might be displayed, you need reopen Solana Extension and try again to circumvent this error 



Upcoming Projects 

We are planning on creating an extension to create your very own crypto currency for learning purposes on developer network and to understand how cryptocurrencies are made and distributed e.g., Bitcoin, Solana etc.