Wednesday, October 28, 2020

How to avoid distractions at work


Photo by Joseph Frank on Unsplash

How to avoid distractions at work

When it comes to distractions, we are not alone. Many of us struggle to complete our daily office tasks. Why? Well, it is all about distractions, primarily social media. 

Yes. We watch YouTube, we lose 15 minutes there. 

We check Facebook, we lose almost half and hour there, 

We check Instagram, there there, more minutes gone. 

And eventually we realize we haven’t done a single task in the entire morning and now it is lunch time. 

So, what happens then? We have to stay back and finish those chores and time seems to fly. What should we do here? Use productive apps to stop us from distractions? 

No. We do not need those. All we need is self-control. Self-control seems difficult but as they say, practice makes a human perfect. So, we practice, and we are there. Here are some tips:

  1. Control your mind: Well, it is very simple. You don’t have to control someone else’s mind. You have to control your mind. All you have to do is not to give in to temptations. Temptations can be anything, right from going to the pantry/kitchen to get coffee/tea or checking your phone. Don’t give in to any temptation

  2. Keep track of your time: Remember your work pays you. So, focus on the work which will give you 80 to 90 percent of return. Social media posts won’t give you any return unless you work with them. For example, if you are a recruiter, you would need to check LinkedIn, if you are a youtuber, you will have to check your channel, if you are a content writer of a company and manager of the social media profile of the organization you are working with, then you will have to be active on maybe Facebook or Instagram… etc.  All the same, if you are not working with social media, it is wise to stay away from those during work hours.

  3. Visualize yourself completing your goals for the day: For example, you have to finish a task and send it over to your supervisor. Once he/she receives it, you will be free for some time without any worry of missing a deadline. That’s when you can go for a peaceful break. So, visualize that idea of rewarding yourself with some moments of stress free break and, immediately start working on your task.

  4. Internal distraction: That’s the thing about the mind. It keeps on wandering. Keep it in place when you are working. If you are expecting a call from someone, or you are dreaming of the date you have in the evening, tell yourself that when the phone will ring, you will hear it. When evening comes, you will go on a date. Thinking about those during work hours will only result in delay of your work and you won’t have time to talk to your friend, neither will you have time for your date.

  5. External distraction: Switch off the television, keep your phone away, switch off notifications from social media. After work, you can check your social media profile and other text messages. Remember, if something is urgent, people will call you and when they call you, you will hear your phone ring. You don’t have to keep on checking your phone.

  6. Be consistent: If you have decided that no matter what, you will work for 45 minutes without checking your phone, practice that every day. Eventually it will become a habit and remember habits die hard. The more you focus on constructive habits, the better you get in making yourself a disciplined human.