Thursday, March 4, 2021

Solving Problems at Workplace

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 Problems come in varied forms. While the best way to handle a problem is to stay calm and then work on it, many of us either try to escape, put the blame on someone else or get panic attacks. And why do we want to escape from problems and why do we get panic attacks? Because we are worried that, if we don’t provide the perfect solution, there will be conflicts. And it is human nature to be averse to conflicts. 

Whenever a problem comes up, instead of blame game or panicking, it is always wise to consider this as an opportunity of bettering the system and work relationships. Here are some tips on solving problems the right way: 

1) Accept and understand the fact that you can never come up with a solution immediately then and there. It is neither easy nor feasible. It takes time. 

2) Understand the problem. Listen to people about their views of the problem and then list them. 

3) Interests matter. Every individual will have a different view of the problem based on his/her interest. Hence understand the interests and do not mix those with possible solutions. 

4) Brainstorm and list the options. 

5) Document every aspect of discussions, suggestions and possible solutions. 

6) Involve the right people. If you think someone can else can handle the problem better than you, involve that person. All the same, do not forget that you are the lead here and you must extend support and lend helping hand to that person throughout. 

7) Evaluate and see. You can always see how the solution works for couple of months and then you can take a call. 

Always remember, it takes time and in-depth attention to details to solve a problem. Sometimes you find a solution and go ahead, but you may need to turn around and come back to the starting point as well. Solving a problem may seem uncomfortable initially, but eventually you will be able to handle it well. 


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